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Vibrant Wellness is about helping people achieve a better lifestyle through nutrition, health coaching and personal chef services. My Goal is to enrich peoples lives by nourishing their mind, body and soul from the inside out. Food brings people together, warms the heart, comforts the soul, heals and nourishes our body, brings back memories with a single aroma or bite, gives us joy and is always a part of a celebration but most importantly, food is a common thread throughout humanity. The best thing about having a personal chef is the incredible personalized value of our services. You get to improve your health and wellness while consuming fresh meals prepared from scratch using local/ organic ingredients. The Farmacy Chef offers a state of the art culinary experience that will not only leave you full and happy but also satisfied with my services. We are based in Maryland for chef services but our health and nutrition coaching services can be accessed any where in the world through our online program.

The Story of Healthy Food

The rise of the fast-food industry increased consumption of unhealthy fat and greasy food, resulting in damage to the human body generally, and an increase in disease, sickness, and obesity. There is nothing more important than good health and whole body wellness. Eating well balanced meals and filling your body with clean nutrient dense whole foods is at the center of achieving vibrant wellness. I wanted to create a place where people could buy healthy and nourishing food, so I set up my own business and wellness practice. We sourced the most suitable products and services for my potential clientele. Since then, I have done everything in my power to make sure that you, my customers, continue to feel good and eat well.

Quality Cooking Services

Beyond the fact that eating high-quality, well-prepared food is better for you, it also tastes better! My sumptuous meals will always leave you wanting more, and the fact that you'll be able to enjoy delicious, fresh food without having to take time out of your busy day is just a bonus. I look forward to having a professional and friendly relationship with you.


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The Farmacy Chef catered a rehearsal dinner for us and the food was wonderful and everything greatly organized. It was a terrific experience.😊


Shirley Maguire

THANK YOU!! It was so nice to come home after 15 hours of travel and have a delicious meal to eat!! I missed your cooking.

I hired Colleen approx two years ago. She sat down with me the first time …

Alison S.

I have had the opportunity to experience The Farmacy Chef's ability to create culinary delights in an atmosphere of hospitality and calm that allows the hostess / host to relax and enjoy their own …

Mary Hutson


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